Consulting business advancing into Vietnam (Advance・M&A)

In Emar group, we offer consulting to solve all management issues of a company,
and financial consulting such as financial affairs,
finance and real estate and also work closely with corporate management.

Practicing "Expand overseas" "M&A consulting"

We offer a consulting service that specializes in "capital", "share", "shareholder" such as "M & A advisory services," targeted at companies in the growth stage, and "asset management consulting" intended for the parent companies.

  • M&A・
  • VietNam advance

VietNam advance consultation

  • Corporation establishment

    We can provide incorporation procedure services for companies looking to start businesses in Vietnam, so you can focus on your core business with confidence.

    Interpretation /translation service

    Our company can also provide experienced
    interpretors or translaters who have aquired N1 Japanese-Language Proficiency when needed.

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    Work permit acquisition vicarious execution service

    When you work in Vietnam, you must get "a work permit".
    Recently, the Vietnamese government has tightened its policies and cracked down on illegaly employed foreign workers, so it is harder than ever to get a work permit.
    We will give advice and support so these acquisition procedures proceed smoothly.

    Visa acquisition vicarious execution service

    We're always guiding a customer the latest Visa information in addition to results of Visa arrangements

    Exhibition advance support

    "From a plan, building management and operation.
    I do total support until exhibition submitting."

Introduction in the service apartment

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    We can take care of housing for our clients workers and business travellers with local staff
    who can speak Japanese to assist with day-to-day life.

M&A, Consultation

  • The overseas expansion support which proves and has that based on international qualification

    Our company has enrolled a large number of consultants rich in M & A experience, as well as practical consulting experience.We will lead overseas expansion of companies to continued succes with support that is based on both macro and micro points of view.

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