Worker Dispatching Undertakings

We offer a wide range of services, from temporary staffing, recruitment, outplacement,outsourcing, as well as education / training.
We have established a system that offers a full line of services related to personnel in one place.

The "overall service of human resources"
trusted from everybody

We offer total solutions related to the human resources in on place as well as staffing. We have a network in Japan's major cities also, we support companies trying to expand nationwide.
In addition, currently, we also have established a system to support the human resources strategy of Japanese companies around the Asia.

  • Recruitment
  • Outsourcing
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Education/training
  • Outplacement

The feature of the Emar group Worker Dispatching Undertakings

  • The human resources power, technical capabilities by the reinforcement program

    "Emar group has focused on training and education of temporary staff.
    We have done various suppors such as acquisition of forklift, health administrator and hazardous materials handlers which helps work, and also we have provided special business education programs such as semiconductor manufacturing.
    Moreover, it allows you to maintain a high level of productivity by improving the retention rate through the introduction of employee recruitment system, which was considered the training and career plans."

    Worker Dispatching Undertakings1
  • Worker Dispatching Undertakings2
    Commitment to safety and health

    "In Emar group, we are working in a variety of safety and health activities under the recognition that ""safety and health is the driving force of business development."" Around the safety and health of headquarters, we have conducted own safety education that is characteristic for all the staff, and we have continued making the unremitting efforts in order to prevent accidents and disasters. The number of people who had an accident on the job in a year is 3.3 people per 1,000 workers in manufacturing industry of Japan. By contrast, result of Emar group is well below the national average, 0.9 people."

The merit of manpower dispatching

  • Substantial rise of the personnel efficiency by the regular member's effective use.
  • A staff adjustment becomes possible according to the fluctuation of the business amount.
  • Excellent human resources without the recruitment activities can be ensured.
  • Labor management is unnecessary.
  • Reduction of costs associated with direct employment.

Worries of manpower dispatching are settled.

There is a lot of replacement of an existence temporary staff, and education and guidance aren't attentive....
Our company is capable of dispatching long-term employees. This means turnover is small, and they can receive further training.
There is a manpower shortage of a management staff.
Burdened reduction in administration section and labor cost reduction can be expected in the future.
I'm worried about communication with foreigner worker…
There are many foreigner staff with the high Japanese ability. Not only the workers, it is also possible to guide you as an interpreter.
I'm worried that culture and a custom are different
Emar not only provides foreign labor, we also provide labor management, so it is possible to match client needs without extra burden.