Overseas business(House building,Green Landscaping)

The field of Emar Vietnam is wide-ranging such as Japanese garden, city park, sports facilities, hospital facilities, school facilities, biotope, indoor greening, roof greening, special greening, the outer landscaping of apartment,the service area of the highway and so on.
We have done the construction management at a higher level of the industry's top class.we have strived to create a comfortable space

A natural environment is created to professional work from a real garden to the
town and the factory.
Main results
  • Green Landscaping/management
    • Green Landscaping/management image1
    • In order to create a comfortable green environment, knowledge that suits each of the climate and sophisticated technology are required.
      Emar Vietnam has introduced the Japanese equipment and technology, we will provide the high quality and personalized service.
      In addition, we have also carried out green space maintenance after construction, we will provide a comfortable space to meet the needs of everybody for a long time.
  • Green Landscaping
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    • We do the landscaping and garden maintenance of the shared apartment space, parks, and roof gardens, etc.
      To promote a comfortable environment for everyone, and offer full support, such as pruning, pest control and landscaping.

The flow of construction

  1. Request and hearing
  2. Planning and proposal
  3. Estimate and contract
  4. Design
  5. Construction
  6. Delivery