Manufacturing outsourcing(ODM)

Improvement of the productivity, safety and stabilization are achieved by producing/even
producing and inspection it from a design of a produced product.
I respond to customer's needs with experienced labor management.

The achievement field of the Aimard group
with which everything of manufacturing business is covered
  1. Orders received
  2. Designing
  3. Collection of parts
  4. design, production,
    assembly, Inspection
  5. Construction

We already have achievement of the stabilization and improvement of the productivity for needs of customer in a manufacturing outsourcing.We possess the system to contract for whole process, design, production, assembly, processing, Inspection, and construction for the manufacturing outsourcing.We educate Industrial Safety and Health to the line leader and general staff for the quality improvement and incorporate TOYOTA Kaizen method to improve daily business.

The main business category of dealings

"Our company assists many industries including.The food processing industry,The automotive parts manufacturing industry, The concrete manufacturing industry, The electronic components manufacturing industry,The plastic molding processing industry,The steel processing industry,Assembly and processing of multi-layer glass window and many others."

So far the improvement of activity example
All Emars field personnel regularly patrol and inspect their factory for potential hazards
with the aim to prevent accidents that could have been avoided.
  1. CASE 1

    Case 1

    Case 1
  2. CASE 2

    Case 2

    Case 2

Procedure of temporary decrease of early productivity and its improvement by the manufacturing outsourcing transition


"Productivity trends are shown in the graph. The blue line is companies that have done enough research, analysis and study before manufacturing the contract was introduced.
The white line is companies whose research, analysis, and consideration were insufficient.
In Emar, we provide ideas and suppor to keep the productivity decline that occurs during the transition to a minimum."

Transition to contracts on manufacturing from temporary staffing

Along with the 2009 problem in the manufacturing industry(Mandatory selection of direct employment of dispatched employee by the clients, or transition to a manufacturing contract work), Emar Group has undertaken 【the increasing use of proper outsourcing (contract)】 three measures listed below.

  1. Structure establishment compliance (manual and audit)
  2. "Creation of SQCD systems(SQCD:Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery)"
  3. Enhancement and establishment of trainings

The aim and effect of the transition to a manufacturing outsourcing

  1. The aim and effect of the transition to a manufacturing outsourcingCost savings on manpower expenses and payroll management.
  2. Flexible and independent operation arrangement of personnel which corresponds to a production fluctuationFlexible and proactive workforce allocation for variable production volume.
  3. Autonomy of businessIndependent operation management will lead to improvements in client QCD aspects.Leader development and multi-professional promotion contributes to making "the strong field".
  4. Effective use promotion of the regular member talent of the customerEffective manpower allocation to allow your staffs to focus on their own responsibility.

Unit price of piecework


"Dispatch worker pay is hourly and determined by an Hourly rate times the number of hours.For outsourced workers, its that cost plus any other expenses such as transportation, equipment, etc...Unit price can be determined by the total cost devided by the number of product."


  1. Contact us
  2. Confirmation of your request "The business person in charge will ask you.A kind of work and request will hear."
  3. Proposal I'll propose one an important matter and production most suitable for the specification/the manufacturing contents and a schedule.
  4. Contract If any issues arise such as working conditions, we are flexible.
    We will sign a contract on the basis of the compliance between your company and our company.
  5. Business start After your agreement, we will complete the work as scheduled.
    Please consult us for each case for specification changes and additions once the work is started.