Corporate Policies

Love people, and empower people

EMAR Group has been expanding its business on the basis of the company philosophy, "love people, and empower people" mainly through employing Japanese-descended and other Asian region workers prior to the globalization of manufacturing and human resource services.

In addition, our globalization isn't only an manufacturing and worker dispatching
undertakings but EMAR Group also established 100% Japanese owned company in Vietnam which is one of the main ASEAN countries: The company is an IT and consulting firm,specializing in the Japanese house building and real estate investment businesses in vietnam.

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The strength of the Emar group

We are expert of foreign labor management

  • 私たちは外国人労務管理のエキスパートですimage
  • We hear the voice to which our customers say "How should we work with them who don't communicate in Japanese?" and "We are worried that we employ a foreigner who has different life habit" who has the interest in employing foreign workers.
    We offer labor by a foreigner and undertake their labor management, and reduce a burden to a customer.
    Our staff is an excellent staff of Japanese Brazilians and a Vietnamese in labor management of Emar group, and we'll care tightly their life support.

Adoption of a Brazilian of Japanese descent

  • We are focusing on complete contract to provide a stable labor force to costomers, to provide secure employment to employees. Japanese Brazilians that we have adopted aggressively as its forces are bright, behavioral, and always strive to work with the hungry spirit. By educating them about the labor management thoroughly, it has contributed greatly to the quality improvement as well as performance only.
  • 完全請負化を目指した日系ブラジル人の採用image

Acquisition and upbringing of highly skilled overseas personnel

  • 高度人材の獲得と育成image
  • We also dispatch high-quality human resources with expertise.
    Taking advantage of the potention in such places as Brazil and Vietnam, we conduct our own tests and interviews and strive to maintain excellent human resources.
    In addition, after joining the Emar family we also support the improvement of technology and communication skills.

Utilization of Technical Intern Training Program

  • The technical internship program is Japanese company accept youth worker from foreign country in a definite term and support the youth worker to acquire the skill, technology, and acknowledge of advanced country because the worker in developing country needs human resource development for financial development and industrial rehabilitation.
    "Kanto Engineering Cooperative Society" of Emar group performs the technical internship program and put young and vigorous trainee to the enterprise.
    We get high evaluation from the enterprise about the form of the student apprentice who tries to acquire technology strenuously while aging and a labor shortage of a Japanese laborer is serious issue.
  • 外国人技能実習制度の活用image



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