Up-and-coming recruits

We welcome the people that can liven up
Japanese manufacturing
  • The paerson who is energetic
  • Greedy for work
  • The person conscious of respect to a colleague

Life is not a dream. Effort is not a waste. People who reliably attend their daily lives. We think that this kind of person is referred to as "The Specialist".
The people who apply to Emar group are our future. We hope you will join us.

Message from the person in charge

Message from the person in charge
Let's create the future of Japan
with us

Labor shortage in the manufacturing industry is becoming serious day-to-day because of Olympic special demand and decreasing birthrate and aging population that will advance more and more in the future. Meanwhile, our company has built an efficient production system which is a combination of foreign workers and technical intern training program with taking advantage of the labor management experience in the dispatch of foreign workers that was a line-of-business at the time of our company's founding.


Job openings

Visiting to the enterprise. Hearing needs about human resources. A plan suggestion.
The explanation to a temporary staff and starting work assistance
Contract making
Drafting note making of a manufacturing plan

《Cordinater of human resouse》
Job interview and introduction
Maching for client
Labor management of Temporary staff
labor managemant
Office Clerk
《Office Clerk》
Serving customers
House equipment management
Preparation of the meeting documents
Labor management of employees
Management of schedule
Our staff will work in major manufacturer.
《Main work》
Production and shipment at a compost factory
Production of double glazing
Assembly of an aluminum frame shutter
Packing of egg and shipment
Grind and shipment of a maintenance part
Production of concrete
Production of site electrical facilities and assembly.
Receipt using a forklift and shipment
※ One's own request is considered and it's assigned to a site.

Conditions of employment

Employment status
Full-time worker
Work location
【Sales,Office clerk】Oyama-shi, Tochigi
【Manufacturing】Kanagwa Pref. , Saitama pref. Ibaraki pref. Tochigi pref. Aichi pref. Mie pref.
Work time
【Sales,Office clerk】8:00〜17:00(break 60 minuts)
【Manufacturing】Please contact us for more details as it depends on the working location.。
On the consideration of the experience and ability
we will preferential treatment by our regulations
Salary increase/bonus
Salary increase/ Once a year
・Paid transportation expenses
・Overtime pay
【Holiday】a five-day work week ※It differs depending on the working location.
【Vacation】New Year's Holidays,Paid Holidays
Social insurace euquipped,Health check, Childcare paid leave