Design & Development

Emar Group has provided systems that can respond fully to user needs by making use of our accumulated experience,
knowledge and the newest technology.

Design system development of building
material for housing and operation, maintenance

We build systems to meet the needs of the clients.
Also, we will support in total a variety of industries and technical elements, HOST / OPEN / WEB, from business analysis regardless of the manufacturer, requirements definition, to operational support.

  • iPhone/Android
    application development
  • Business
  • Control software
  • Packcage
  • Import/Export EDI system
  • Backbone system
Technique element
  • Data baseOracle、SQL Server、PostgreSQL、MySQL
  • Programming language Java、.NET(Windows Form、WEB)、C#、PHP、Visual Basic
System development results
  • Client internal management system
    • Production line
    • - System coordination
    • - Reproduction management system
    • - Mistake prevention
  • Manpower dispatching management system
    • Temporary worker management system
    • - Client information
    • - Labor management of employees
    • - Labor management
  • Internal management system
    • Adoption management system
LINE 「Bushi Cat」
Leave making a visa application
to the application!Japan VISA

Emar group The features of design and development

  • System support specialized in a product line

    Our engineers work on site with the clients to organize any systematization required by the clients desires and also provide operational support for information systems, including various types of system development.

    software development image1
  • software development image2
    Low cost, offshore development

    Our branch of Emar in Vietnam is doing the design of a major residential building materials manufacturer.
    It has achieved a "low-cost, high-quality" by working Vietnam in charge of the design and our own factory(Japan) which manufactures together.

Flow of software development

  1. Request and hearing
  2. Planning and proposal
  3. Estimate and contract
  4. Requirements definition
  5. Design
  6. Development
  7. Unit/Limnk Test
  8. Verification
  9. Delivery

Application development example "JapanVisa"

  • ビザ申請書の作成はアプリにおまかせ!Japan VISA Developing applications for the world as well

    As one of design work, we also develop applications.It is an entry VISA creation application for foreigners.I heard the voice saying "It is hard to prepare an application form" and developed it.It is an application that makes use of our company's strengths where foreign employees are working.
    It is currently being delivered for free at Google.