Internatinational technical intern taraning

In the name of international cooperation and contribution, Emar Group has accepted
technical intern trainees from Vietnam that we can introduce to customers.

  1. About Technical Intern Training Program (TITP)
    The Technical Intern Training Program is Japanese company accept youth worker from foreign country in a definite term and support the youth worker to acquire the skill, technology, and acknowledge of advanced country because the worker in developing country needs human resource development for financial development and industrial rehabilitation.
    It is very important role as international cooperation and international contribution business in a developing country.
    It is usually put by "the group management type", "The cooperative association" which doesn't have profit-making for its object accepts the trainee, and staffs trainee to subsidiary enterprise.

    We lecture about Japanese-language education, social guidance and study of immigration law and labor law after entry in Japan and plan for the learning a technique as an employment relationship with an enterprise.
    The trainee must pass the skill examination after 1 year in Japan and he/she can work for 3 years as the technical internship program.
    *The trainee can be extend for 5 years as the technical internship program if he/she gets urgent measure which affects utilization of foreigner material in the construction field.
Technical Intern Training Program of Emar group

The Kanto Engineering Cooperative of Emar Group has accepted foreign technical intern trainees, and has been introducing them to companies.

  • Certification
    sending organization


    • Improve working life in their home country by acquiring skill
    • Improvement and productivity improvement of the business activities of companies
  • Emar group
    Kanto Engineering
  • accepting company
    in Japan


    • Better cost performance
    • Strengthen relations with foreign companies
    • Internationalization of management
  • Sending country


    • The improvement which is vocational life after returning home by skill acquisition
※ Training period end (3 years at the most). But, it's possible to extend the construction field for 5years
  • Technical Intern Training Program of Emar groupimage1
  • Technical Intern Training Program of Emar groupimage2

The flow of Technical Intern Training Program

  1. Technical intern trainee return home
    • Meeting ,Contract
    • A technical intern trainee is selected in sending organization
  2. Screenig and interview
    • Interview by accepting organization (Vicarious execution by an association can interview.) Japanese-language education by sending organization
    • Status of residence permit application, VISA application
  3. Immigration
    • pick up at the airport
    • Advance lectures(160hours)
    • After finishing advance lecture , accepting company in Japan
  4. technical intern training (i)(1year)
    • Status of residence permission to change
    • Proficiency measurement successful candidate. Transfer to technical intern training (ii)
  5. technical intern training (ii)(2years)
    • Skill test
    • Evaluation of results of technical intern training
  6. Return to Home Country