1. 2017

Recruitment (Tochigi pref.)

Job  No,002

【Job discription】Coating of metal parts using heat treatment
【Hourly wage】  ¥1,000 
【Working time】①08:30~17:00(over time10h/1month) ②20:30~08:00  
【Place】 Tochigi city
【Number of people】①1(Female) ②1(Male)


Job No,017

【Job discription】Discreet work of a plastic bottle  
【Hourly wage】  ①¥1,000 ②¥1,200
【Working time】 8:00~18:00/20:00~6:00 ※Two-shift
【Place】     Kanuma shi
【Number of people】①2名(Male Female) ②1名(Male)※要フォークリフト免許
【Overtime】2h / 1day


Jobナンバー 018

【Job discription】Quality assurance check of a part of a car
【Hourly wage】 ¥1,000 
【Working time】8:00~17:00(実働7時間40分 )   
【Place】 Shimotsuga gun,Tochigi Pref.
【Number of people】5


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